More Parents Should Ski

I had a wonderful day on snow and I was back home by lunch time!

Phil Matthews and his dad were at North Creek Ski Bowl competing in the NYSSRA series sprints hosted by Hudson United Racing Team (HURT).  Even though they didn’t compete against each other I noted that they finished their respective heats within seconds of each other.  It was heart warming to see them both out there!

More masters should do sprints!  I have heard many masters and now grand masters (whatever you want to refer to us old folks as) remark that they don’t do sprints.  Normally I would not either any more than you will find me on the track on a mid summer morning doing sprints.  Today was different!

Conditions at Gore could not have been better:  well machined 1.2 k loop expertly groomed,  marked, and in one spot, hand raked to perfection.  But only 24 showed up to qualify for a heat.  I was the oldest competitor by almost 20 years, and I had the slowest times by over 3 minutes.  So why do I say I had a good day of skiing?

  • Under the sprint format I didn’t have to worry about being lapped!  I had the whole trail to myself after everyone else reached the end of the double poling start!
  • My cardiologist has admonished against marathons, “The greatest benefit from cardio workouts is realized in 30 minutes, certainly under one hour.  You don’t have to beat yourself up for hours.”
  • Timers don’t mind waiting for three extra minutes for the slowest skier.  I recall many years Jim Schriener out in the cold with his blanket waiting a half hour for me to finish my last lap in a marathon ski!
  • Can you beat your son’s time, or your grandson’s time, or your BKYSL youth’s time?
  • Who knows you might get a challenge like I overheard, “Beat that collegiate skier and I will buy you a new pair of skis!”

As it turned out in my final lap, I skied more relaxed, more conscious of technique, and more conscience of my fast skis and almost a half minute faster than my qualifying time!  Yes, it was a good day.


Start the Fun!

Snow flurries are in the cold west wind and the Bill Koch Youth have met on the Shenendehowa Campus.  Snow is in the forecast during the coming week.  I think it’s time for a serious snow storm.


Even with wet weather we had a good turnout of Bill Koch Youth skiers.  The other half of the club will join us next week.

If you know of any middle school or younger youth who might enjoy fun on snow this coming season please have them join us next Tuesday, right after school, 3:45 PM in Room 711 Koda Middle School.  We will be done by 5:15 PM.

We will be matching ski equipment with individuals starting this coming week.

Shenendehowa Classic

Two competitors start their 5 k race as the next pair wait 30 seconds for their start.

Two competitors start their 5 k race as the next pair wait 30 seconds for their start.

The Shenendehowa Classic Nordic Ski Race is calendared for Saturday, January 5, 2019, at Saratoga Biathlon in the northwestern corner of Saratoga County.  Make sure this is on your calendar and pray for snow.  The next day the Adirondack Vauhti will be hosting a ski-athlon starting with a classic loop and finishing up with a free technique loop.


Bill Koch Youth wait for their start and the fun citizens race follows.

It will be a fun weekend for all!

Garage Sale

Free for the asking: one slightly used black Barrecrafters ski rack.  Easily attaches to any four door vehicle.  Call 518-371-7548 or email ejh[dot]bkh[at]juno[dot]com.

Do you have something else to add to garage sale?  Send your item description, price, and contact information to the same e-mail.

Renew your membership now and beat the rush.

Still Skiing

0306181648aAs the temperature approaches 50 degrees our Bill Koch Youth are still skiing! Where the afternoon sun softened the snow it gets even a bit mushy, but in the shade the snow is firm enough to skate. These guys are having fun picking out there favorite conditions: sunny and mushy, shade and skate.
Head to head sprints were interesting, but there’s enough diversity in age so that everyone captured a blue ribbon. As it continues to snow maybe next week we can have a longer course and a coach’s challenge!0306181646a



The team of females.  Lots of questions.

Call it a treasure hunt or call it ski orienteering these youth like maps especially if in color. There were some very interesting dynamics at the club’s recent Bill Koch Youth Ski practice, though and probably a mistake dividing groups between male and female.  Us older generation remember reading “Men Are from Mars, Women from Venus”.


The boys team.  We know where we are!

This was a short story version of that book! In short the females found 4 locations, the boys got only 3 and were last seen headed south.  They were still on the map though.

Clifton Park Winterfest


Photo by Carrie Buetow

We were fortunate to have snow for this year’s Clifton Park Winterfest on February 10. Even with light rain at times we were able to enjoy the snow excellently groomed with the Shenendehowa Nordic Clubs new gooming equipment in Garnsey Park, Rexford.  We had 4 youth finish the Nordic Ski Races:  The two in front are enthusiastic new skiers in what we call the “lollipop” class 6 years and under.  The two on the snow bank are in the U10 (under age 10) class.  Three others joined in a citizen’s race.  Results are summarized:

Lollipoppers (0.5 k)

  • James Clark           0:06:21    1st Place
  • Logan Turnock     0:06:40    2nd

U10 (~2 k)

  • Nolan Gilloolie      0:15:08    1st place
  • James Buetow       0:16:34    2nd

Citizens Race (~2 k)

  • Aline Flaherty       0:17:26    1st place female
  • Charlie Huff           0:11:46   1st place male
  • Jim Flaherty          0:17:56    2nd place male

Later that evening nearly 80 community and club members enjoyed a candlelight ski and snowshoe event with bonfire, marshmallows, hot drinks and good company and great fun on snow.