JANUARY 29, 2012


We are trying to reschedule.


Will There Be A Race Sunday?

Conditions at Saratoga Biathlon are marginal at this point.  The word from Curt Schreiner our chief of course is…

…No skiing until … it freezes please. Hopefully we will have enough after this rain is over to pull something off for this weekend. “

Register here now.  There is no guarantee that we can keep registration open after Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 10:00 PM so register now.  Our policy is if we cancel the race we will refund your entry fee (not the service fee).  If we postpone the race we will hold your registration for the new date.  Due to the uncertainty may I suggest you register (at $0) to pay at the site.

Ware your PJs inside out; clean your ice maker and plant the old ice;  spread around the plow scrapings; or anything else you can think of to make it snow Thursday night in Day, NY!