Who needs the Farmer’s Almanac or the U S Weather Service to tell us winter is right around the corner? In Shenendehowa country we have a dusting of snow at 5 AM followed by a cold and blustery day. The school bell rings then suddenly we have the high school cross country ski team out bounding hills…

Hill Bounding on the Shenendehowa campus

Hill Bounding on the Shenendehowa campus

…and pounding out intervals and the Youth program out sprinting to plant ice cubes.

Ice Cube Planting

Planting ice cubes is known to cool the earth’s surface making it easier for snow to stick.

Yes, winter is coming and it will be a fun one.  When I first moved to the Clifton Park area this was way back in the old days: before 1970. There was a local weather forecaster that dubbed December 7 as the average first day of a significant snow fall …more than six inches.  Please be respectful, though as it snows, there are people my age and older that hold that day reverently, as a “day of infamy.”