More Snow Coming

We all know that we have at least three more weeks of winter, right?


Grace, James and Nolan are in the excavation mode.

With the recent warm weather our Bill Koch Youth are concerned about the ground thawing too fast.  So along with coaches and parents they were out today in force to cool the earth so the late season snows will hang around longer. Two teams fanned out on the Shenendehowa Campus today armed with trowels and ice cubes to do their part to prepare the surface for the coming March snows.


Sabrina and Mohi picked out the top of a favorite hill and set to work!

The key is to pick out a high point, get the ice to the high point, and bury it before it has a chance to melt.  With temperatures near 60 degrees we had to move swiftly, move from high point to high point and spread out the areas planted.



Mohi shows how to do it efficiently: scoop, plunk, stomp, and move on.

During the process our youth came up with other suggestions like wear your pajamas inside out, sleep with a spoon under your pillow. Consensus was that the spoon needs to face down under the pillow.

Coach assures us that March will come in tomorrow “…like a lamb.”  As the old timers all say with certainty and experience, “If March comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion!”

Okay March show us your stuff: end this season with a good one!
– Photos by Mary Duclos and Jen Gillooley

Family Moonlight Ski

Family Moonlight Ski


Sharing marshmallows and hot cider and cocoa after skiing the canal towpaths – photo by Charlie Huff

Moonlight skis are hard to schedule because of changeable weather and even more changeable snow conditions.  The trick is to have them several days before the full moon so that the moon is overhead during the evening.

February 9 we had perfect conditions. Not only did we have an excellent moonlit trails and five inches of new snow, we had eight skiers turn out to kick off the Clifton Park Winterfest.  We skied along the original 1825 Erie Canal,  across the towpath for the 1842 enlarged Erie Canal and back along the now abandoned first town road and the historic reconstructed cast iron Truss Bridge designed by Union College graduate Squire Whipple.  The members of the bridge were cast in 1862.


Backlit by the moon one of the club’s Bill Koch Youth is king on the mountain – photo by Uwe Weidmann

To share all that history along with a perfect and memorable moonlit evening reminds us how fortunate we are to have these recreational opportunities right here in our back yard.