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Still Skiing

0306181648aAs the temperature approaches 50 degrees our Bill Koch Youth are still skiing! Where the afternoon sun softened the snow it gets even a bit mushy, but in the shade the snow is firm enough to skate. These guys are having fun picking out there favorite conditions: sunny and mushy, shade and skate.
Head to head sprints were interesting, but there’s enough diversity in age so that everyone captured a blue ribbon. As it continues to snow maybe next week we can have a longer course and a coach’s challenge!0306181646a



The team of females.  Lots of questions.

Call it a treasure hunt or call it ski orienteering these youth like maps especially if in color. There were some very interesting dynamics at the club’s recent Bill Koch Youth Ski practice, though and probably a mistake dividing groups between male and female.  Us older generation remember reading “Men Are from Mars, Women from Venus”.


The boys team.  We know where we are!

This was a short story version of that book! In short the females found 4 locations, the boys got only 3 and were last seen headed south.  They were still on the map though.

Clifton Park Winterfest


Photo by Carrie Buetow

We were fortunate to have snow for this year’s Clifton Park Winterfest on February 10. Even with light rain at times we were able to enjoy the snow excellently groomed with the Shenendehowa Nordic Clubs new gooming equipment in Garnsey Park, Rexford.  We had 4 youth finish the Nordic Ski Races:  The two in front are enthusiastic new skiers in what we call the “lollipop” class 6 years and under.  The two on the snow bank are in the U10 (under age 10) class.  Three others joined in a citizen’s race.  Results are summarized:

Lollipoppers (0.5 k)

  • James Clark           0:06:21    1st Place
  • Logan Turnock     0:06:40    2nd

U10 (~2 k)

  • Nolan Gilloolie      0:15:08    1st place
  • James Buetow       0:16:34    2nd

Citizens Race (~2 k)

  • Aline Flaherty       0:17:26    1st place female
  • Charlie Huff           0:11:46   1st place male
  • Jim Flaherty          0:17:56    2nd place male

Later that evening nearly 80 community and club members enjoyed a candlelight ski and snowshoe event with bonfire, marshmallows, hot drinks and good company and great fun on snow.



It’s official.  The Shenendehowa Classic is postponed to Sunday, February 18.  Hopefully the weather will be better.  In case you are wondering the snow at Saratoga Biathlon firmed up quite nicely and Curt Schreiner did some magic.  Today’s skiing was superb.

Those pre-registrated are still good for the February 18 date unless they tell me they cannot make it.

Now I hope we can all cram in a rewarding and fun season before the snow really heads north.

Shenendehowa Classic Postponed

Race officials just conferred.

The race tomorrow, January 13, 2018, at Saratoga Biathlon Club in Day, NY is off.

We are concerned about

  • early morning travel
  • temperatures are not expected to drop early enough this evening so snow can drain, freeze, and new snow to accumulate
  • by the end of the day tomorrow, our chief of course should be able to have conditions perfect, but who wants to ski in the dark?

We are working on a postponement to February 17 or 18 whichever can be worked out.

Thank You

Thank You

Shen Nordic Families,
In celebration of another highly successful 24 Days of Christmas raffle and Chipotle fundraiser, we held our pizza party with the high school and middle school teams during practice yesterday.  Any skier who sold 10 or more Christmas raffle tickets was given bonus raffle tickets for a variety of Nordic and Alpine prizes.  Any skier who participated in our Chipotle fundraiser was given a raffle ticket for a chance to win Chipotle gift cards.  Total value for prizes – $1844 
Madshus Carbon Race Poles – Donated by Sports Page (2 Raffles)
Winner:  Allison Underhill
Winner:  Julia Weaver
Lapland Lake XC 1-Day Trail Pass & Equipment Rental Package (2 Raffles)
Winner:  Matthew Street
Winner:  Eric Hamilton
Mt. Van Hoevenberg XC 1-Day Trail Pass (2 Raffles)
Winner:  Annika Knizek
Winner:  Yecies family
Gore Mountain-North Creek Ski Bowl XC 1-Day Trail Pass (2 Raffles)
Winner:  Meghan Maloney
Winner:  Morghan DeSalvatore
Catamount Ski Area – 2 Lift Tickets
Winner:  Emily DeGennero
Okemo Mountain – 2 Lift Tickets
Winner:  Zach Cramer
West Mountain – 4-Hour Lift Ticket (6 Raffles)
Winner:  Jenny Street
Winner:  Kieran Salls
Winner:  Ashley Aldrin
Winner:  Grace Anderson
Winner:  Zach Cramer
Winner:  Jacob Cramer
Stratton Mountain – 2 Lift Tickets
Winner:  Morghan DeSalvatore
Plattekill Mountain – 2 Lift Tickets (2 Raffles)
Winner:  Emily DeGennaro
Winner:  Caitlyn Roig
Tubby Tubes Co. – Downhill Tubing Pass for 4
Winner:  Stasia Slepski
Play It Again Sports – $25 Gift Card
Winner:  Kieran Salls
Chipotle $10 Gift Card and Hot Cocoa Pack (5 Raffles)
Winner:  Allison Underhill
Winner:  Meghan Maloney
Winner:  Eve Schoen
Winner:  Lauren Mundinger
Winner:  Anna Weidmann

THANK YOU for your participation in our fundraisers and CONGRATULATIONS to all our prize winners!

Tracy Moore
Vice President
Shenendehowa Nordic Club