Go For It!

Camps and Clinics
The Shenendehowa Nordic Club will reimburse members for cost of participation in coarses and clinics up to $50 per member.  These can be used for local roller ski clinics; on snow clinics; or any other coached training program intended to improve your technique in one or more of the Nordic ski disciplines.  Contact your coach or anyone of the Club officers on the “contacts” page.
Season Ski Distance
To reward your motivation and dedication through the ski season, the Shenendehowa Nordic Club has an award at the end of the season for any club member who achieves various milestones in total distance skied in the season.  Keep a log, recording the distance you ski whether in practice, competitive events, or just having fun.  Add up the kilometers – every week, every month – for an end-of-season total.  If you have covered more than one of the following distances you can receive an award and appropriate recognition at the end-of-season dinner.
Award            Distance Skied
Gold                      600 k
Silver                     400 k
Bronze                  300 k

Bill Koch Youth members have different requirements based on age.

Empire State Games 
Members of all ages are encouraged to participate in Empire State Winter Games planned for February 4 – 7, 2016 in Lake Placid.  The first step is to join the New York State Ski Racing Association – Nordic, Inc. Your first membership benefit includes reduced entry fees to competitive events as well as a host of other information on Nordic skiing in New York State.  Females to compete in ski orienteering and biathlon are especially needed.  Or talk to your coach or one of the officers on the “contact” page.
NYSSRA – Nordic Championship 
Members are also encouraged to represent the club and compete in the NYSSRA – Nordic Championships on February 27 and 28 right here in Saratoga County.  These are fun events in Ski Orienteering, Cross County Skiing and/or Biathlon.
Bill Koch Festival and Bill Thayer Ski Fest  
This championship event that the whole family can enjoy is at Bristol Mountain south of Rochester in January 23 and 24, 2016.  There will be fun races for all members of the family, biathlon and ski orienteering demonstrations, family fun relays, and club challenges.  In addition this is the Mid-Atlantic Bill Koch Festival, a fun championship in both classic and skate techniques for those under 13.  Don’t miss it!  

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