Shenendehowa Nordic Club membership for individual or the whole family is $30/year.  Register and pay your membership on-line OR Print (…just the first page!) and complete the form below or send your name, address, phone number, and names of other family members to Maria Nguyen-Clark, 37 Via Da Vinci, Clifton Park, NY 12065 with check for $30 made out to Shenendehowa Nordic Club. You will receive an electronic club newsletter with up coming events, accomplishments and news of the club and its members, Nordic ski equipment swap, and other membership benefits.
Name (first, MI, Last): _________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
Town/State/Zip: ______________________________________________
Date of Birth*: ____________________ Phone: ______________________
e-mail address: _______________________________________________
Other Family Members _______________________ (DOB)* ___/___/______
                     _______________________ (DOB)* ___/___/______
                     _______________________ (DOB)* ___/___/______
                     _______________________ (DOB)* ___/___/______
* Dates-of-birth are necessary only if you plan to compete.
Current members as of December 15, 2018
  • The Archambeault Family
  • The Buetow Family
  • The Caron Family
  • The Christoffel Family
  • The Clark Family
  • The Cleney Family
  • The Flaherty Family
  • The Hamilton Family
  • The Huff Family
  • The Landa Family
  • The Mahon Family
  • The Maloney Family
  • The Moehring Family
  • The Mundinger Family
  • The Perkins Family
  • The Pingelski Family
  • The Pollsinelli Family
  • The Roan-Sarinian Family
  • The Schermerhorn Family
  • The Street Family
  • The Thenappan Family
  • The Turnock Family
  • The Wiedmann Family and
  • The Yecies Family

Put your family on the list next!  Join now.

One thought on “Membership

  1. Members so far the 2017 – 2018 season include the following families:

    – The Agosti family
    – The Aldrin family
    – The Anderson family
    – The Archambeualt family
    – The Bartoletti family
    – The Buetow family
    – The Caron family
    – The Christoffel family
    – The Clark family
    – The Cleney family
    – The Cramer family
    – The DeGennaro family
    – The DeSalvatore family
    – The Deno family
    – The Flaherty family
    – The Gillooley family
    – The Hamilton family
    – The Hanson family
    – The Herrick family
    – The Huff family
    – The Huneck family
    – The Kenyon family
    – The Koziol family
    – The Landa family
    – The Roig family
    – The Maloney family
    – The Matthews family
    – The Moehring/Murtagh family
    – The Moore family
    – The Mundinger family
    – The Park family
    – The Pingelski family
    – The Roig family
    – The Salls family
    – The Saririan/Roane family
    – The Schoen family
    – The Schermerhorn family
    – The Sherwood family
    – The Slepski family
    – The Jon Street family
    – The Underhill family
    – The Wiedmann family and
    – The Yecies family
    …and growing strong! Thanks for joining and renewing.

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