Wall of Fame

The Shenendehowa Nordic Club has a special recognition award presented each year to those who have achieved high honors in the area’s cross country ski community or who have contributed  in an outstanding manner to the growth of the community or the sport.  We affectionately call this the “Wall of Fame” award.  Those that have been named to the “Wall of Fame” serve as both a role model and a motivator for others in the skiing family to emulate.  Our hardy congratulations and gratitude to all those who are recognized for their part in helping the club either on the “scoreboard” or on the “sidelines”.

To view the Wall of Fame click here.

Criteria used for nomination to the “Wall of Fame” include skiing achievements:

  • Finish in the top ten in Section 2 finals; or
  • Finish an Empire State Games event as a medalist in ski orienteering; as a medalist in biathlon; or top ten finish in either the classic technique or free technique cross country ski race;

or for special recognition as:

  • Most Honored Player (nominated by the high school cross country ski team); or
  • Coach’s Award (outstanding team or club leadership); or
  • Volunteerism/Support (including parents, outside groups or organizations); or
  • other criteria as designated and approved by the executive board.

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